5 Ways to NAIL your About Us page (+ examples)!

We are always trying to figure out the best conversion strategies for our websites. The best UI, the best content—when we should be focused on optimizing our relationships with potential and current clientele (yes, that includes online as well).

The best way to do this is to write an amazing, kick-ass, About Us page. Behind the Home page, the About Us page is typically the next page your audience will go to when first visiting your site. Get it wrong, you can turn people off to you without you even realizing it. Get it right, you could have a highly converting lead on your hands.  

With the About Us page, you can:

  • Showcase what differentiates your business
  • Tell people your values as a company
  • Describe who you are and why people should care
  • Build trust with the reader

No other place on your website gives you the opportunity to truly drive those points across. Here is where customers can feel most connected to you, and get a sense of if they want to do business with you.

While the About page can be one of the most important pages, it also is the most difficult. It’s HARD to write about yourself, and if not articulated correctly, could cause people to get the wrong impression of you and your business. In my opinion, I think that’s why it is often overlooked.

Here are some great tips on how to write an about page, with examples from businesses across the web.


1. Make it about your audience

While this is your story, you should never lose sight of the fact that the About page isn’t for you. Keep in mind who will be the ones reading this guy (hint: it’s your audience).

Integrate language that tells your reader why you are the best pick for them. Empathize with their situation, and explain why you created this site just for them. Nothing makes you feel more appreciated as a consumer than when a business finally gets you. In the fitness realm, Leha Long understands this concept well, and it shows in her About page:

 2. Don’t be boring 

Don’t feel pressured to stuff your About page with industry jargon to ‘prove your an authority’. That’s neither authentic or fun to read. Show readers your personality! Are you an upbeat, fashion-focused lady who loves helping put together cute corporate outfits? Maybe you have more of a dry, sarcastic type of humor? Don’t be afraid to add those elements into your content. The about page is a great place to be more lenient in the ‘sales talk’ and more focused on your brand voice. Blue Hills Management leverages this well by speaking directly to the troubles of their target market:


3. Get your main point across

In the midst of remembering to design your site, make sure that the intent of your message is obvious. It’s very easy to get lost in the mumbo jumbo of ‘the story’ that you forget to tell your readers what you can do for them! Whether it’s your values, mission, or services–make sure it is crystal clear! Miss Whatcom County, for example, lets people know from the very first paragraph that they are about empowering young women through mentorship:


4. It’s not all about the ‘text’

Content doesn’t only mean text. Utilize photos and videos as well to tell a compelling story. Your entire website should work to create an entertaining, easy to use experience for your visitors, which means you need to consider the design just as much as you consider the text. Use fun headshots of your team, have a thoughtful FAQ video about yourself–whatever suits your brand! I love how Jaime of Portraits by Jaime, utilizes her photography and design skills to jazz up her About page:


5. End with an action

So, you have inspired your audience, you have hooked them in with your story, they get to the end of the page and–nothing. Don’t leave your people hanging! Guide them to next steps with a gentle call-to-action. It could be an invitation to learn more about your services with a link to your product page or a signup to your email list. Always end your about page with some sort of instruction to the reader–create a nice path of where they should go next. It’s nice to be told what to do sometimes 🙂 Take a look at how I close mine over at Lizzi J Fitness:

Bonus Tip: Hire a Second Pair of Eyes (and Hands)

I believe everyone has the capability and creativity to write an AMAZING About page, but sometimes, you just need a little help. Plus, who has time to figure out all the content when you have a business to run? If you are feeling stuck, consider working with a freelance content writer (all the examples shown here did)! I happen to know the gal, and I’d say she is pretty amazing.

Have a great example of an about page on your site? Leave a link below!

  • Shawn Moreton

    Great article. I went to check my ‘about’ page after reading this & it DEFINITELY needs an update! Cheers!