How to Strike Gold in the Mobile Gold Rush

So not many people know this, but I am a huge crafts person;  I actually just got back from Aki-Con where I sold some of my beaded crafts with my family. In preparation, I had to frequent JoAnn’s a lot and by a crap ton of supplies. I almost never have coupons with me, but thanks to my JoAnn’s app, I can simply use that to scan all the coupons I have through my JoAnn’s account, and be on my merry way. It’s quick, easy, and has me choosing JoAnn’s over any other craft store, because I have everything on my phone.

That’s simple mobile advertising right there. Easy right? Yea, 33% of businesses today think so too. Mobile marketing has become the new ‘internet’ gold mine. Having some type of mobile strategy will get you better engagement with your customers, supplement your business’s current marketing strategy, and can generate new revenue streams for your business. But where should you start?

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