Number 1 Tip to being More Successful

Are you ready? It’s a complicated concept, especially for college students,  so I am going to say it, and then break it down for you:

Get. Up. Early.

That’s it?

Yea that’s it. And don’t just get up early after pulling an all nighter–that takes practice. I’m saying get a good night’s sleep, and then get up naturally earlier, because your body is rested and ready to go. Now I am naturally an early riser; I had a paper route when I was 12, so getting up 4-5am in the morning seems like second nature now, much to my roommates’ dismay. Getting up early, however, has helped me understand the term, “Early bird, catches the worm.”

Want to see the benefits of waking up earlier? Continue reading:

1. More hours in the day: How’s this for a magic trick?You know how people are always complaining there aren’t enough hours in the day? This is how you get more. Wake up 1-2 hours earlier, and see how having those extra couple hours makes the stress of the day “disappear”.


2. Being more Successful: It’s been shown that early risers are better at decision making, planning, and setting goals (you better be, since you got up early for a reason!). There is a study that shows those who identified to be early risers earned a whole grade point higher than those who were “night owls”. This can have something to do with having a good night’s sleep. Granted, I won’t completely agree, since I definitely can stay up until 2am ,then wake up 3 hours later and still function in class.


3. Becoming a happy, non murderous person: Hey, I’ve seen non-morning people at 8am, and I have feared for my life at the glare they give me.  Early risers, since we are so well rested and all that, are naturally more optimistic, stable, and alert. I can’t tell you how many times I got on my roommates nerves for being so happy and chipper before 7am.  #GetOnMyLevel

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4. Production times 1000: Seeing as it is still is pitch black when I wake up, I have very few distractions to tempt me away from getting stuff done. While I know some people work better at night, I found a study that showed that early risers can be more proactive because the way our society structures our corporate (and school) schedules, we have an emphasis on the morning. So night owls can be a little out of sync when it comes to following a typical business day.


So I challenge you to try getting up an hour earlier, and see how your day goes! As for me, I will continue to chill until my class starts…

Do you accept the challenge? Think I should write about how being a night owl is where it’s at? Let me know by tweeting me at @JustLizzi (#1HourEarlier)! Also, comment below about any morning mishaps you may have had (I know I’ve had a few…)