Developing content for small businesses is my specialty!

Hi there! I’m Lizzi. 

I found my love for writing when I was 12 years old, and haven’t stopped since. Since then, I have developed my skills to create content for small businesses and develop their brand’s voice that speaks to their clients. This is the age where information is at the tip of our fingertips, and it’s never been easier to find and connect with potential clients. My mission is rooted in helping small online startups find their piece of that pie.

Hustle could have been my middle name. Fortunately, it’s Gabrielle.

JustLizzi came to be when I realized my letter to Hogwarts wasn’t coming, and that writing was the next best thing. From nonprofits to marketing trends, my goal with each client is to create copy that not only sells, but also engages.

In addition, I also host one on one coaching sessions for new business owners in need of assistance. Having a background in marketing strategies and successfully opening up my own companies, I utilize my expertise to help coach you through the steps of finding and retaining your ideal audience. 


me_circle“I work with the unicorns, the 6-midnighters, and the hustlers. My mission is bring your business to life through words.”

My area of expertise lies in a variety of topics, but my client base is always the same: If you are someone who has a passion for building a life of freedom, willing to put yourself out into the world with a product/service that is so desperately needed, but just can’t find the words?

I can help with that.

Are you ready to move your business forward with content that WORKS?

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